Will a Pit Bull Really Make a Good Pet Dog? Pros and Cons

PitBull Dog

The Pit Bull Terrier is most likely the most maligned breed of dog on the planet. Part of the defamation and title stems from the fact that they may be trained to fight in puppy pits. Another factor is that they’re the dog of choice of several gang members. All this causes a whole lot of fear when most individuals are faced by one of these.

Lots of men and women are aware of is that a well trained Pit Bull is one of the very friendly and sweetest dogs you’ll ever find. Ask people which dogs have bitten them or attempted to bite them and I think you will find that many will say the small dogs like the poodles, Chihuahua, dachshunds and such. The reason dogs such as Pit Bulls get a bad rap is that they can do plenty of harm when they do bite. I would guess that almost all of them that bite people are trained to be mean and aggressive. Another reason they may bite is if someone threatened them or their dog or individual family.

Bull to become a great member of the household. My daughter has a Pit Bull that was one of the friendliest dogs I’ve ever met. I will admit the first time I seen her after she got the dog I was about ready to get up and run when she opened the rear door and this enormous Pit Bull came running towards me. She advised him to be fine and he immediately started walking after making sure it was OK, rather than running.

The only problem was that he was coming towards me but I knew my daughter would not let him hurt me so that I relaxed. When he touched me I began to pet him and could see he was going to turn himself inside out he had been so satisfied. I had been sitting on the sofa and he was attempting to get into my lap when she advised him to come to her. At that point I might need to state my perceptions of Pit changed a massive amount.

I am convinced that a Pit Bull will make a fantastic pet but now I will tell you the pros and cons of why you may think about one for a pet. As soon as you’ve got a solid understanding of this breed, you might choose to bring a pet Pit Bull to your life.


With appropriate, consistent training, this strain is going to be the life of the party.

Pits Kissing, cuddling, playing, and being in somebody’s lap (even though they could weigh up to 50-60 pounds) are their favourite pastimes.
Of your pet Pit Bull’s favourite things. They love making their loved ones happy. Coaching a Pit can be quite satisfying and can even cause performing in obedience competitions.

They are young-at-heart rather than outgrow their fun-loving soul.

Tremendously athletic, the household will be challenged to keep up with this strong breed.

Pit Bulls are appealing. Their muscular, compact construct draws attention wherever they go.


The Breed has a bad rap over the years and many individuals are scared of them, so that you can not get your feelings hurt when they prevent your pet Pit Bull.

They Tend to be nice unless another creature show aggression. At this time you and your pet may want to take your leave.

These puppies are the number one dogs stolen from their families in the usa. Don’t leave your pet out without supervision.

Pits They could escape from most areas, so families have to be attentive and decided when trying to maintain their animal safe.

Especially as dogs, this strain can be a few.

Do not allow your pet Pit Bull get bored. Going to find something to do, and it could be something unsuitable for the family.

This strain is audacious. They never quit. They are strong-willed and your families will have to be more powerful.

They Need a lot of exercise so a huge yard is practically essential. Just walking them isn’t enough exercise for them. Unless your family is extremely active you may want to consider another breed.

If you would like a guard dog, a Pit isn’t for you. They usually thankfully to welcome all who enter the family’s lawn.

All In all, this breed makes a nice family pet. I can attest to this personally after being together with my daughters Pit Bull for a short time. These dogs aren’t what you would call a home dog. Walking them is sometimes a chore since they are powerful and if they choose to go another way you might have a problem holding them back. This is a fantastic reason to be certain they’re well trained.

1 thing I discovered when we would take my Daughters dog for a walk was the wide-eyed people gave us. This type of bothered her as she understood how fine her dog was.

You Need to be certain that you provide your pet Black PitBull Dog a great deal of attention. But First and foremost make sure your household has the resolve, self-discipline, And fortitude to train your pet completely. Breed your pet you may want to consider spaying or neutering them. Remember there are No bad dogs, just uneducated owners. Other visit a family that has a well trained pet Pit Bull and you will see What I’m referring to.