USB-All about 3.1 and Type C


With the USB version 3.1, the new connector type C is always present. What distinguishes the new standard and connector type is in this guide.

USB is a proven data transfer system for which version 3.1 is now available. Since it also brings the new connector type C, it takes a bit of equipment to be fully equipped with the factory. The new versions above all faster and more practical, so it can be useful to upgrade now – Orto-retrofit equipment.

USB 3.1 is twice as fast

The USB version 3.1 has already been introduced 2013, it offers some significant improvements:

The transmission speed is 10 Gbit/s gross. It was almost doubled compared to USB 3.0.

Chargingthebatteriesofdevices via USB is much faster with USB 3.1. The charge function power delivery allows a maximum power consumption of 5 A and 20 V (100 W).

USB 3.1 works with passive cables without integrated electronics.

The plug type C is pluggable on both sides. It is smaller and has the decisive advantage of a symmetrical design compared to previous USB connectors: There is no different upper and lower side and therefore it does not matter how around the plugs plugged in.

Type C connectors are more robust: they are designed for PTO 10,000 mating cycles. For comparison: In the case of type connectors, the service life indicated with a maximum of 5,000 mating cycles.

According to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), the new USB-3.1 port supports the DisplayPort standard. This could cause 4k/Ultra-HD-Bildschirme (resolution: 3,840 × 2,160 pixels) to be connected with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Currentmodelsoflaptops Chromebook and MacBook can be connected directly to another display via their USB-Csockets and an adapter. With the DP alt mode function, the-Transfert Othe screen works without any additional settings.

is USB 3.1 compatiblewitholderversions?

If USB was originally used only in the computer periphery, the connections are now available on music systems, televisions, cameras and in cars. Devices witholder USB ports and oldercables do not havetobedisposedofbecauseofthenewversion. USB 3.1 isbackwardcompatible, withadaptersyoucan also connectolderportstothenewones. However, thehighertransmissionspeedis not reached.

USB 3.1 Retrofit


Ifyouwanttoretrofityour PC with USB 3.1, youcan do itwith a PCI Express cardwithoutmucheffort. To do this, thecomputer must haveonlyonefreeslotfor such a cardwith USB 3.1. Disconnectthecomputerfromthe power supply and open thecomputer’senclosure. Plug the PCI Express cardintothefreeslot. Connect a free power plugtothecard and closethehousingagain. Currentoperatingsystems such as Windows 10 automaticallydetectthenewport.