Things Pandora Is Doing To Help Move the Industry Forward

Pandora One App

The Recorded music market is just like a boulder onto a mountain. That is what’s occurred in the U.S. music sector during the past dozen or so years. But in the last couple decades, the boulder has reversed course, the earth is becoming steadier and also the CD-to-download-to-streaming transition is becoming smoother. Revenues are climbing in the U.S. and across the world. New products have been launched. The boulder does not look so heavy.

What Can Pandora One App do to help push the audio business ahead in 2016? Plenty. The year has been marked with the launching of forward-thinking goods, unique articles and milestone agreements with rights holders.

Pandora acquired a brand new logo and fresh branding from 2016.

In All these were landmark bargains who have enabled Pandora to develop new products that present new attributes and direct the business to a new age. Three things on this list would be the direct effect of those deals. First is the forthcoming launching of Pandora Premium, the newest $9.99-per-month, superior service with in-built capabilities. The coming of Pandora Premium attracts a powerful competitor into an on-demand marketplace that had an 83-percent expansion in flows this past year, based on BuzzAngle.

Two advanced, first-to-market attributes for Pandora’s core radio goods will also be the results of the new bargains: offline listening to Pandora Plus along with also a replay function On both Pandora Plus along with the complimentary, ad-supported Pandora support (more on these below). These licensing prices  – they pay for the usage of tags’ sound records  – follow the lead licensing agreements Pandora signed in late 2015 with both small and big music publishers in addition to performing rights organizations ASCAP and BMI.

On another but related note, the lead deals offer artists and rights holders improved royalty rates across all 3 tiers.

[A Side note: Three decades back Pandora had no immediate licenses, no business relations group, and has been boggled down into a public dispute with trade groups representing artists and rights holders. But not long afterwards, the oldest of high tech licensing discussions started, a business relations group started to take shape (see evidence in the late January Billboard cover story) and Pandora started work on preparing itself for the next stage.]

More innovative solutions will help enlarge the premium streaming marketplace. New attributes will increase the bar for what customers expect from services.