The Tintin Movie – Kirsten Myburgh To Play Tintin


The Adventures of Tintin are classics from the world of comics. The character was made by Herge who both wrote and illustrated the records. Adventure series and is thought to include a political subtext like lots of Herge works. The middle portion of the experience is set in a fictitious South American dictatorship of San Theodoros where the native generals are in a struggle for power. The battle between San Theodoros and Neuvo-Rico from the book is known as the “Gran Chapo War” which mirrors the Gran Chaco War of 1932 to 1935 fought between Bolivia and Paraguay for management of the Gran Chaco region falsely thought to be rich in oil. Read more detailsĀ teesside tintin.

The following day that the statue is returned with a note saying it was a bet. Tintin though the hero realises it’s a fake because the replacement is complete once the original was missing an ear.

Tintin Now obviously need to get to the bottom of the puzzle so begins the journey to solve the crime. He discovers that a wood carver has lately been murdered and deduces that this guy Balthazar probably carved the imitation so goes in search of this mans parrot in a hope for a clue to the killer.

The guide sends him to South America along with two additional Guys who are following the road Alfonso Perez and Ramon Bada. Ramon and Alfonso on the journey over by ship kill Roger Tortilla (not very imaginative) who was the guy that originally stole the bunny. Tintin who’d been in disguise detain the guys on docking in San Theodoros. In a twist the Colonel who greets them allows the guys go and it’s Tintin who’s later arrested and is framed for terrorism and sentenced to death.

Be killed by the firing squad he’s saved by a rebel leader General Alcazar. Tintin who unexpectedly was drinking heavily swears his allegiance to Alcazar who’s currently in command of the nation and makes Tintin a Colonel.

It’s at this point we’re introduced to the “Gran Chapo War”. This war is pushed by two rival oil companies that want the oil thought to be beneath the ground from the Gran Chapo area.

Tintin Escapes another attempt on his life by General Trickler of Great American Oil (among the competing businesses). Tintin eventually finds himself one of the people of Arumbaya. He tries to discover why so many men and women are following the fetish which in monetary value is useless. Tintin gains information that leads him to believe that there’s a valuable diamond belonging to the Arumbaya tribe concealed in the fetish.

Tinin Leaves the tribe also comes across Perez and Ramon who’ve abandoned the San Theodoros military. Tintin figure out how to capture them and learn from a note in Perez’s wallet which Tortilla had actually placed the diamond in the bunny. How Tortilla is linked to Lopez isn’t revealed Perez and Ramon later escape from Tintin.

Leads returns home only to discover many replicas of the figurines are for sale. He learns that the mill producing them is possessed by Balthazar’s Brother who discovered the fetish one of his brother’s effects. Balthazar’s Brother has sold the bunny to a wealthy American Samuel Goldbarr, that has Tintin flies out on a plane to the boat only to And thus the diamond. There’s a confrontation and the fetish Breaks showing the diamond. All three guys try to save it falls Into the sea and is lost.