6 Herbs to Grow for a Healthier Lifestyle

If you’re like me, then we like to steer clear of the physician and prescription medication. We’re constantly looking for something purer, something which comes in the ground. We research, we do our best to discover the best treatments. I love to think I am fairly knowledgeable on the subject of holistic wellbeing. But frankly, with all of the info out there occasionally I get lost!

Listed below are 6 herbs that I can not live without.


Some people today believe lavender is overrated. (It is not!) Lavender was used to fight anxiety, sleeplessness, nervousness and other negative moods. Within our demanding world, tension and anxiety are common disorders. Before our psychological state gets out of hands reach for a lavender essential oil.

To relieve stress or nervousness try adding a couple drops of lavender essential oil into your hair to keep you calm during daily.
If you suffer from sleeplessness fill out a palm-sized fabric bag with lavender buds and set it beneath your pillow. It will encourage a state of comfort so that you may find some much needed sleep.


Too much sugar triggers a ton of health issues such as: diabetes, obesity, kidney disorder, ADHD, depression, nervousness, gum disease and the list continues. Sugar is added to all of our processed foods also is highly addictive. Does this not seem like a marketer’s fantasy?? Sugar Coated is a excellent documentary which dives to the sugar business and surrounding politics.

The complete film can be viewed on Netflix.

Unlike sugar, stevia doesn’t increase your blood glucose nor addictive. It helps in digestion and is believed to be an antifungal.

Stevia is ideal for you in plant type. You might even buy processed stevia. Beware, not all of stevia is precisely the exact same. Some stevia powders comprise Erythritol and other compounds. When making a buy search out Green Leaf Stevia. This can be stevia in its least processed form.

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