Electrical Reform in Apartments and Residences

In Domotikron, we supply completely reliable electric services for the renovation of your dwelling.

In case your home improvement job is something you’re preparing for years or a decision right now, Domotikron will work together with you from beginning to end. Domotikron will take some opportunity to talk about your electrical needs and work together with you to design an electric system which will work efficiently together with the architectural elements of your newly renovated house. During innovation, planning and application of quality programs, we’re pleased to supply you with the maximum degree of customer services.

A number of our reforma el├ętrica residencial solutions include:
Swap wiring of this recently renovated area or room
TV cabling path

Lighting Design Services

From design to implementation, our experienced staff provides the experience to make sure your electric design is finished within critical budgets and schedules.

To begin residential electrical remodeling at your home or flat, an Individual must take into Account some important variables, which can be:

Investment Degree Hence, the degree of investment also changes, because it can vary from little apartment renovations into a massive investment to “alter” the surface of your premises.

Thus, before you begin remodeling and repairing solutions, you will want to define the degree of investment you would like for your house, by a couple million reais to countless thousands of dollars.

Be clear and objective in telling the contractor how far you’re available to spend in overall retirement solutions.


Some renovation and repair companies need contractor safety before and during the implementation of the job. By way of instance, residential electric retrofitting demands the electrician to meet the requirements for the NR10 and rather the tech has CREA.
Residential electric repairs can’t be achieved by curious people who designate themselves as Husband Of Rent, and not having sufficient training for the ceremony, will put both the customer’s equity and the lifetime of the service supplier and the household of the owner in danger .


Give the deadline, define the day you would like the job to be finished. Yet be sensible, as the investment will help determine the capacity of the job to complete in a day or two or not.
This is due to the fact that the contractor will equalize just how much you’re earning and then determine how much third party help you’ll need and in case you’ve got the financial ability to manage it.