Why Snakeskin Shoes are good and how to take care of Snake shoes

snakeskin shoes

When something is in fashion and its trendy, then there is no reason to ask “why”? When the whole world is following a fashion trend you have to follow that as well because it shows that how much rest of the world likes that fashion. So if you ask why should we buy snakeskin shoes? My reply would because it is top fashion trend to wear handmade shoes from the skin of different animals.

Like the skin of alligators is used as well as of pythons to prepare men and women shoes along with handbags and wallets. The snakeskin pattern looks very beautiful and has graceful with its unique shine. The skin of snakes and pythons are brought from Indonesia, Malaysia and some other countries like these where a lot of snakes and alligators are killed daily to get their skin which is then exported to other countries to made snakeskin shoes and handbags.

Snake shoes are in fashion for both men and women and are looks good with the office dress, party wear or any other occasion. Here you can check a pair of green mens snakeskin shoes which looks good for its shine and the snakeskin pattern.

But these shoes are made up from pure snakeskin, so you have to take extra care for this shoes and don’t use the ordinary products to clean the shoes. An ordinary shoe cleaning product can damage the leather and can also reduce the original shine of the skin. You need to take special care of these snakeskin shoes or handbags.

How to take care of Snakeskin Shoes

To clean your snakeskin shoes follow the three steps provided below

  • Take a clean white cloth that should be slightly wet with warm water and clean your shoes with this clean cloth very gently. Don’t apply the extra force which can get scratches on the leather as the dust particles are there. Gently remove the dust and debris.
  • Make it sure that shoes are not very wet, they might be damp after this step as you have cleaned them with the damp cloth so now you can place your shoes in a slightly warm place but not directly into sunlight.
  • Now when the shoes are dry, take a shoe cleaner or we say a conditioner to use on the snake shoes and apply it only to one part of the shoe that is not very much prominent. After applying that conditioner wait for a minute to check if there is any bad effect of the conditioner on leather or not? If everything is fine, then go ahead and apply that shoe conditioner on your snake shoes and then again rub a clean cloth which should be soft as well on your shoes.

Remember, always store your shoes in a cool and dry place and away from the direct sunlight so that there shouldn’t be any cracks due to sunlight.