Real Estate Agent Job Description

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate agents liaise between home buyers and owners to conduct the sale, purchase or lease of properties. They maintain and keep an up-to-date accounts of land listing and other pertinent housing information to remain abreast with properties available on the housing market. They also contact market and property properties up for sale.

As Part of the responsibilities, estate representatives present earnings and purchase offers to customers for consideration. They advise them on land prices, legal requirements and overall market trend. They also interview clients to ascertain their property taste or specification. They see and inspect properties to be able to establish precise Oakley real estate value. In addition they proffer recommendations to customers on properties that best suit their budget and taste.

They run negotiations between property buyers and sellers to establish cost and other terms and conditions of sales.

In fulfilling Their role, property agents oversee the final of land sales, they guarantee payment is appropriate and complete documents signed. They maintain contact with customers to provide them property services/products and help with the resolution of issues. They also offer consultation services to customers to recommend strategies for the speedy sale of land. They frequently run training programs for junior/trainee sales representatives to boost their sales skill. This work position requires at least a high school degree, state permit for training and an aptitude for sales. Qualities required for the job include persuasion, social skills and problem-solving abilities.

Given below is a sample of the job description generally passed property agents by most companies:

Act as liaisons to run property trade between property sellers and buyers
Present sales offers to customers in Addition to bid on properties that are available

Carry out investigations to ascertain client credit standing and capability to complete payment

Inspect properties to evaluate its value and gauge the worth on the property market
Assist home sellers in boosting their buildings on land listing services to attract customers for purchase.

Prepare and deliver sales pitches to customers so as to secure property contract
Conduct price negotiations between land sellers and buyers to ensure a fair deal for both parties.

Provide customers with a tour of residential, commercial or industrial properties to showcase and explain property attributes.

Carry out searches to confirm customers have clear land titles.

Provide suitable reply to customer’s enquiries regarding property evaluations, financing, maintenance etc..

Examine property assumptions to recommend maintenance measure required to enhance the face value.

Attend conventions, conferences and seminars to enhance present job knowledge and expand private network.

Can use the sample project description above in creating one for your organization, To be used in hiring and assigning responsibilities to the successful candidates.