QacQoc GN22A USB C HUB Reviews

USB C HUB Reviews

This product is QacQoc GN22A USB C HUB with charging port type and multi-color options slim and stylish. The product was launched on May 22nd 2017 and the seller of these products sold in Spain and some other counties and many products are now some of them to stay.

it has multi-USB 3.0 option for fast charging and facilities this article is really so amazing it has micro SD care and many slots to connect many devices at once. and also the quality of the construction in sight and touch seems very good, if you want to open the Apple logo as an original product the first impression, opening it is the quality of the product, and if one of the people is a Mack card like me or any device that only has a USB type C, to load and transfer and do not want to buy many adapters. This is your USB hub, you can connect normal USB 3.0, SD and microSD cards and while you can charge your Mac.

Desing and Facilities:

The design of this product is really amazing, stylish and looks so beautiful and silvery in color by adding more stars to this product, there are many options to buy, but I recommend you to buy this product only in silver color. This beautiful adapter designer had worked very hard, to design this adapter after a long period of period and hard designed it fine and now the adapter looks extremely brilliant and also you designed in many colors like silver, grey and much more that’s the reason that’s why I love it.


Also tablets the data transfer speed up to 5GB faster up to 10 times on the normal USB 2.0 only 480 Mbps port and also the transmission of HD movies, also in a few minutes and the main feature of this product is the company guaranteed guarantee up to 12 months you buy thDesign and features this QacQoc GN22A adapter USB is product and you will see any kind of problem under warranty s money. And after the charger is connected, our phone charger is 50% faster than a normal charger, the product does not need batteries.

RAM memory capacity up to 16GB and DDR3 SD RAM, we can enjoy multi-devices, DVD and more, this is all really amazing the best part of this product is it is completely waterproof so accidentally, if your adapter falls into the water then not careful adapter will not be damaged and also un brackable also and it has no led to check that a device connect thumbs up protection your adapter works or not ,

If this is bit-folded, but after leaving the product is well the main peropse of creating this product very quickly connect USB drives and other divards, and offer fast charging fasility it only takes 1 to 2 hours to go full charge I 5s phone or I phone 6 and we can use this product to any digital device such as DVD, CD, PC , laptop, cell phones and much more connect it is very good product, if you can go to any goods it will give you a lot of time after providing such facilities it is to chip only 39.99 EUR, can you buy this product which has all the digital product also the adapter has 1 port on a SDHC card, 2-a USB port C female type to connect MacBook , 3-2USB 3.0 Anschl├╝sse4-a port for micro SDHC card Advantag e from this product 1-a truth of the plug under the two USB port, a USB-C, micro-SD and SD2-Professional and elegant design3-USBand Ultrafast charger 3.04-built entirely from ALUMINIUM5-contain a soft-very good for computers and Mac or tablets


  1. The product is really good, but it is something that is expansive all through it is very good product, so it is justified.
  2. The QacQoc company should give a USD port, there are more dough3-there are no LEDs to check if the adapter is working or not, we should connect a device to check if the adapter is working or not, it is not a big problem.

After using a lot of time I have not found any wrinkles on this adapter, also I will also give 5 star rating to this adapter. It is made of solid aluminum housing. My smartphones, iPhone charge faster than Compairtion on other chargers, and as I bought this product, I got my product in just 2 days at no extra charge if you paid more than your adapter delivered in 1 or 2 hours. When I have brought my product, it is packed properly and with a compassionate box with double bottom, because when we remove the foam, we find a velvet cover with velvet and rope closure, a luxury, beside it a small notebook with many languages Including Spanish where We can inform you about the instructions for use as well as the technical specifications of the product and the contact possibilities with the manufacturer