Does Inversion Therapy Work? The Origin, The Science & Precautions

Inversion Chairs and Inversion Therapy

People Who experience back issues are constantly on the lookout for solutions to handle their pain, tightness and total distress. Among the usual resources of relief that they turn to is inversion treatment.

Together with inversion, the Tables are obviously more prevalent nowadays and regarded as that the most successful as they permit the version of the angles of suspension. Boots on the other hand aren’t really user friendly and may actually be harmful sometimes.

Some People today think that inversion is merely a modern day, stylish alternative treatment strategy that may one day be forgotten. But, it isn’t. The approaches have since evolved over the years creating inversion treatment a more rewarding experience for all.

Inversion Chairs and Inversion Therapy
Inversion Chairs and Inversion Therapy

What’s the science behind the entire procedure?

When You’re inverted, the power of gravity decompresses the spine. Decompression also permits fluid which builds around the backbone over the time to be discharged. This is an excellent thing, since the fluid is frequently related to inflammation.

Inversion functions for many patients. But, Studies indicate that the impact experienced is really for the most part temporary since the backbone eventually resumes its prior position and span. Still, there’s evidence that the procedure is extremely valuable in a lot of different ways. As an instance, it’s been associated with assisting with muscular spasms. Additionally, it restores blood flow, reducing the odds of cardiovascular ailments and irregular blood clots. Patients also have reported decreased degrees of motion sickness and anxiety.


Patients planning to Begin inversion have to check with their physicians. The main reason is that there are a few conditions that may be exacerbated by inversion treatment.

Pregnant women will also be discouraged from trying this Kind of treatment. Not a fantastic idea! The consequences can be fatal to both mother and fetus. In the event you opt for this kind of treatment, always begin gradually… and definitely do not attempt to totally invert in your very first encounter.

My Ideas

Personally if you Were to ask me personally does inversion treatment work… I would say absolutely. I have Used it for many years to ease back problems brought on by scoliosis and by a vehicle wreck. I have definitely seen and sensed the outcomes. But again, always Check with your health care provider and see whether your particular back condition qualifies you for inversion therapy (my website for more information