Dos and Don’ts for Microsoft Certification Exams

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Many individuals resolve to get Microsoft Certified but do not have the first clue about proper preparation for any exam before going down to the testing center. Although experienced programmers are likely to fare well without a lot of prep work (at least one would hope so! ), one should not discount the breadth info that is covered on these exams.

First off before even considering a particular exam you’ll want a good idea of the target audience while using exam. 70-532 dumps is excellent about spelling this out. They tell you on the exam page on MSDN who the exam is intended for. Additionally – and this is the second crucial part for you as a possible exam taker – they tell you what their expectations are for passing the exam. In other words, they are planning to make sure that the exam proves real world expertise in the subject so that they are handing out a credential that actually means something to employers in the real life.

70532 Dumps
70532 Dumps

The detailed exam topic list from the exam guide should be your starting point in preparing for the exam. Pay close attention the weighting of the topics that are to get covered in the exam. Microsoft does extensive research during the exam development process to make sure the exams have their priorities straight – in other words the exams are focusing the necessary attention on the topics which might be important to employers; topics which can be crucial to mastering the subject overall. The percentage rating for each section of the exam will tell you how heavily focused the exam is on that mini subject area.

One thing I always advise people to do is to stay as far away from those popular websites that have the answers posted. Aside from the obvious ethical reason that this is certainly dishonest, think about the long term. You may not want to get a credential that you would not have earned all on your own merit? What about when you land that next gig due to this new credential and you are definitely not prepared? The best way to prepare is usually to take advantage of practice tests including MeasureUp (they charge a fee). The best thing I’ve found about these aside from the good quality of test questions based on real scenarios is that upon reviewing this question, you will find links to the exact relevant MSDN pages – the pages that have information regarding the topic that question was testing. If you’ve spent as much time in MSDN web site have you know that sometimes you may get lost in there. This targeted link will help keep you focused.

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