Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Panasonic is among the world’s largest Producers of Elements Utilized within Refrigeraci√≥n Industrial y Comercial gear. These elements are known for exceptional construction and dependable performance.

There Are Lots of factors driving new Business Refrigeration Equipment layouts in a speedy speed. These variables include advancing energy efficiency and refrigerant regulations to decrease global warming, changing food tastes involving new and ready, connected smart appliance technology and generational preferences. Since the gear business for Foodservice, Retail, Refrigerated Transport, Vending and Food Storage evolves to adapt these tendencies, some critical technologies have a massive effect on commercial appliance operation. These technologies include innovative Thermal Insulation, and higher efficacy Fan Motors and Compressors that induce Refrigeration equipment energy efficiency, in addition to Sensors, Controls, and Communication Modules that offer unprecedented levels of support to forecast issues and help out with efficacy performance and diagnostics.

R-Value = 60 Feb Inch
Minimizing Refrigeration Equipment’s energy usage has the most significant impact on lessening the gear’s carbon footprint. When measuring the effects of using Panasonic VIPs on gear, the energy intake is decreased anywhere from 5 percent to 40% based upon the program, and thus reduces the carbon footprint. A secondary advantage is that Commercial Refrigeration and Cold Chain Equipment manufacturers may raise interior ability of a toaster or Freezer by approximately 5 percent as a consequence of decreased wall thickness. These panels are usually implemented using a foaming agent for structural integrity.


Commercial Refrigeration Solutions
Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

High Performance Fan and Blower Motors

Motor Efficiency Up To 85 percent

Advanced technology brushless blower and fan motors which are optimized for both airflow and reduced sound performance are just another means to fulfill altering efficiency regulations and end-user requirements. Variable or multiple speed motors reduce electricity usage and prolong equipment life. Intelligent attributes will increase ease of use and diagnostics. Panasonic motors are available from 1-2 watts around 1 horsepower, and a few motors can be provided with a meeting.

Option Refrigerant Compressors (R290, R600a)

The transition into Alternative Refrigerant Compressors has been obtain attention spurred from the EPA’s current SNAP judgment. Popular Alternative Refrigerants mentioned for standalone Refrigeration Equipment are R-290 (propane) and R-600a (isobutane). The Panasonic QAS collection Propane Compressor may be utilised in reduced back pressure applications like Beverage Dispensers and Vending Machines. Besides Alternative Refrigerant Compressors, Panasonic presents High Definition Inverter Compressors for assorted Refrigeration applications.

Controls By Design to Manufacture

Panasonic Motor and Electronic Controls capacities and technology assistance Range in design to manufacturing. Panasonic’s technology team’s Experience consists of powerful controls for effective Motor Controls, completely Like vibration, dust and humidity. Competencies also include compact Layouts and very low manufacturing risk handled through using multiple locations.