6 Tips to Hire the Best Airport Transfer Service From London

If you are going to catch your flight in a couple of days and you are looking to hire some airport transfer service then you should make it sure that you opt the best available service from London. When it comes to catching a flight, you should not trust any unprofessional cab service which might get late and you could miss your flight.

Here is a little guide for the travelers about how they should hire the best and reputed airport transfer service in London.

1. Look for a Registered Company

An un-registered company is not good for traveling especially when you have to catch your international flight for your business purposes or for your family vacation trip. When you need to hire a company, make it sure that the company is registered in London and it is a legal company so that you won’t get yourself in trouble.

Make it sure that they have mentioned their license number available and the company name should be there on authority websites of travelers.

2. Company With Insured Vehicles

The airport transfer service should have insured vehicles. As it shows the professionalism of the company. Not only vehicles, but the passenger’s insurance should also be covered by their insurance policy. If you hire a cab from a company who have passenger’s insurance, they will be more careful about the drive and about the maintenance of their cars and other vehicles.

3. Good Online Reputation

The company should have a good online reputation. They should have a website and if they have Android and iOS mobile apps, then it is the best thing. You can find the feedbacks of their customers from their website and from the mobile apps. You can also check the third party feedbacks. Like you can register on different traveling blogs and forums of UK to get an idea and neutral feedback from the people who already used that service from the same company.

4. Online Booking

The company should have an online booking system and they should pick you from your doorstep on time. Make it sure that they have listed their mobile number or landline number so that you can contact them in an emergency. And also make it sure that when you book your online ride, you should get the mobile number of the driver who will pick you on your flight day so that you can be in contact with your driver.

5. Ask Friends & Family

If you have a family in London or you have your friends who have already used any airport transfer service in past, then their feedback and suggestions are very important. If you have shortlisted few companies, you can ask your friends or family in London about those companies, or you can get their suggestions about the companies they have used in past.

6. Book a Vehicle for Your Comfort

If the company advise you to book a sedan or a van when you have to travel alone and you have only a couple of bags with you then don’t go with their advise. Just book a car so that it should cost you less as per your requirements. If you have to travel with your family members or with friends and you are 4 or more members then you should consider to book a van as you need to travel with comfort and you have more luggage as well with you.

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