Avoid Facebook Phishing Schemes

Over The last few months I have seen a massive increase in the amount of Facebook accounts getting hacked or hijacked by hackers using Facebook phishing. So as to comprehend this, let us first take a glance at why Facebook accounts have become such a target for hackers. Read comment pirater un compte facebook.

Facebook The same affiliate marketers who have resorted to spam email and blog comment spam to force their message from the general public, have discovered that by hijacking Facebook accounts they could deliver their advertising message to the friends and connections of these account holders. These “spammy” messages are more likely to be seen, read, or perhaps clicked on, since they’re seemingly coming from a reliable source (the first account holder).

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This This may result in links or messages being automatically sent to a high number of your friends. These links or messages are often ads encouraging your friends to check out products or videos.

The Once some are approved, they send out catchy messages through Facebook chat or by posting to the wall of the new Facebook friends. These messages appear as an enticement for example…

“hey, just what do you do in this movie (click here)….

“this site has some type of mistake and is giving away free iPads. Get there quickly before you overlook (click here)…”

The Above examples would have a link that goes to a page which seems to be a Facebook account login display. The user assumes that they have been logged out for some reason (which sometimes does happen) and re-enteres their FB username and password. What they don’t understand is that the page didn’t belong to Facebook and they gave their password and username into a hacker.

Once the hacker has accumulated The consumer’s Facebook account credentials, they just log into the account, change the password and start sending out ads for affiliate programs, in addition to more invitations to give your account info. This procedure continues to spread because people are not really aware.

It’s truly rather easy to avoid getting your Facebook account hijacked.

1. Never, ever, ever give out your FB username and password to anybody.

2. Whenever you’re at a Facebook login screen, ensure you’re really logging in on an official Facebook page. If you’re ever suddenly shown a login screen, just close your browser and start a new one.

3. Any many people as possible. The more people who become conscious of this, the less effective the hackers will probably be, afterall knowledge is power.

What to do if your Facebook accounts has been hacked or you suspect you might have already been “phished”…

1. If your computer was infected with a virus or with malware, you’ll have to run anti-virus applications to eliminate these harmful applications and keep your data secure.

2. If You’re able to access Your Facebook account, reset or change your account password as soon as you can block any external access to your accounts.

3. If you Sending or sending unwanted messages, your best option is to simply begin a new profile. I’ve heard from many that attempting to get Facebook to.

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