How To Clean Suede Leather Shoes? Simple Tips and Tricks

Suede shoes are in fashion from last few years as many celebrities are wearing these shoes in their shows and also the style is famous on the streets as well. Suede shoes are made from a fine quality of leather which requires extra care when it comes to the cleaning part. It is very important to know the characteristics of suede leather so that you won’t damage the shoes while cleaning. In this article, we will provide you simple tips and tricks on how to clean suede shoes?

How to Clean Dust & Dirt or Scuff Marks?

Shoes are exposed to dust and dirt in daily routine when you travel on the road by foot. The easiest way and widely used method to clean the dust and dirt particles from the suede shoes are by the use of a toothbrush. Yes, it is true many people use a toothbrush to clean the suede shoes as a toothbrush is soft and is not dangerous for the fabric of shoes.

There is nothing wrong with using a toothbrush, but the best way to make the suede shoes looks like new is by using the special suede brush which is specially designed for the fabric of suede shoes. Use this brush on the shoes to clean the dust and dirt particles. Try to use it gently and don’t put extra efforts.

Make it sure that the shoes are completely dry and there is no moisture on the surface of the suede leather. To remove the scuff marks you can either use the other side of suede brush which is slighter harder or you can also use the eraser as well.

Additional Tips to Protect Suede Shoes

  • If you want to increase the life of your shoes and want to prevail the beauty, don’t forget to brush your shoes after each use when you are going to store them in the box or on the shoe shelf.
  • Whenever you are going to wear your suede brown oxford shoes, don’t forget to use the stain protector spray on your shoes. This spray is waterproof and it will prevent the shoes from getting stains and it will be easy to clean if you have sprayed the stain protector.
  • If you feel that your shoes are not of the same color when you bought them and its starting fading, you should use suede shoe dye of the same color.
  • Give a break to your suede black oxford shoes if there are chances of rain. Protect your shoes from the rain and try to wear some other waterproof shoes during the days of rain.
  • When you feel that you are not able to get rid of tough stain marks, take your shoes to the professionals and get their help to clean your shoes.

Slip On Shoes: The Best Walking Shoes For Men

Usually, men do a lot of walking in their daily routine work and they don’t realize how much they walk every day. Whether it be a shopkeeper or someone who is working in a good office, he walks for different tasks here and there. Especially on official trips or after coming back to home, while going to the market, and many other daily routine tasks involve a lot of walking. Though walking a lot is good for health, there is no doubt in it. But one should take care of his health as well.

When you do a lot of walks, it is necessary that you should wear shoes which are comfortable. If your shoes are not comfortable and you are walking a lot then your feet could swell and you won’t be able to walk in that case.

So if you want to complete all your routine tasks on time which includes a lot of walking and you don’t want your feet to swell then you must opt the best men’s shoes type. Some may suggest using slippers or open shoes or sandals that can protect your feet while walking. But these shoes can’t be used when you are on your job or in a good position.

Slip On shoes for men can be the solution. These shoes are a good replacement for loafers and can be used during work or can also be used as dress shoes for men. Slip on shoes are also better for those men who have a problem of sweating. These shoes are comfortable as air can pass through the shoes and feet sweat will evaporate in the air.

Mens slip on shoes are also good because you don’t need to wear the socks with these shoes. You can just put these shoes on with any of your dress and can walk comfortably. Slip on shoes for men are the best dress shoes because one can easily remove these shoes without untying the laces or without opening the buckle.

These shoes are the best walking shoes for men as slip on shoes are also lightweight and you don’t feel a burden on your feet if you wear these shoes all the day. While you are not walking and sitting on your desk, you can remove these shoes in just a few seconds and once your boss calls you, you can quickly put the slip on shoes on and go to the room of your boss.

So, in short, men’s slip on shoes are the best walking shoes for men and these shoes are not only light in weight but also good for your health as your feet will not swell if you walk a lot wearing these slip on shoes.

Why Snakeskin Shoes are good and how to take care of Snake shoes

When something is in fashion and its trendy, then there is no reason to ask “why”? When the whole world is following a fashion trend you have to follow that as well because it shows that how much rest of the world likes that fashion. So if you ask why should we buy snakeskin shoes? My reply would because it is top fashion trend to wear handmade shoes from the skin of different animals.

Like the skin of alligators is used as well as of pythons to prepare men and women shoes along with handbags and wallets. The snakeskin pattern looks very beautiful and has graceful with its unique shine. The skin of snakes and pythons are brought from Indonesia, Malaysia and some other countries like these where a lot of snakes and alligators are killed daily to get their skin which is then exported to other countries to made snakeskin shoes and handbags.

Snake shoes are in fashion for both men and women and are looks good with the office dress, party wear or any other occasion. Here you can check a pair of green mens snakeskin shoes which looks good for its shine and the snakeskin pattern.

But these shoes are made up from pure snakeskin, so you have to take extra care for this shoes and don’t use the ordinary products to clean the shoes. An ordinary shoe cleaning product can damage the leather and can also reduce the original shine of the skin. You need to take special care of these snakeskin shoes or handbags.

How to take care of Snakeskin Shoes

To clean your snakeskin shoes follow the three steps provided below

  • Take a clean white cloth that should be slightly wet with warm water and clean your shoes with this clean cloth very gently. Don’t apply the extra force which can get scratches on the leather as the dust particles are there. Gently remove the dust and debris.
  • Make it sure that shoes are not very wet, they might be damp after this step as you have cleaned them with the damp cloth so now you can place your shoes in a slightly warm place but not directly into sunlight.
  • Now when the shoes are dry, take a shoe cleaner or we say a conditioner to use on the snake shoes and apply it only to one part of the shoe that is not very much prominent. After applying that conditioner wait for a minute to check if there is any bad effect of the conditioner on leather or not? If everything is fine, then go ahead and apply that shoe conditioner on your snake shoes and then again rub a clean cloth which should be soft as well on your shoes.

Remember, always store your shoes in a cool and dry place and away from the direct sunlight so that there shouldn’t be any cracks due to sunlight.

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Fitness Program for The Beginners

While you are planning to start your workout program to burn fat or to build your muscles, there are certain things that you should consider to do or to avoid as well. Especially for the beginners, they don’t know what to do and what not to. So here are different do’s and don’ts for the beginners for their fitness program.

Before you start reading further, don’t forget to consider these powerlifting supplements that could be helpful when you are working out to lift high weights.

3 Things to Avoid For Fitness Program

  1. DON’T: Set Unrealistic Expectations: Many beginners when starting their workout, they set unrealistic goals which are almost impossible to achieve. There might be the days when you can’t work out due to an emergency tasks or there could be few days when you have to eat more than the required food just to change the taste. There could be a weight loss plateaus where you will not be able to lose weight any further. In all these conditions don’t let yourself down and stick to your initial plan. So always set your goals to consider all these hurdles to your workout plan.
  2. DON’T: Try to Lose Weight Quickly: Many beginners wanted to lose their weight too quickly especially the girls who have their marriage in a year. Losing weight too quickly can be dangerous for your health so avoid setting up of losing weight weekly. Always set your goal to lose about 2 to 3 pound a month which is too good as it would provide you 24 to 36 pounds of weight loss for a complete year.
  3. DON’T: Start with High-Intensity Exercise: Never try to start with intensive workout sessions. There is no need to put extra pressure on your body. A moderate and healthy physical exercise is enough to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

3 Things to Do For Fitness Program

  1. DO: Select Exercises You Enjoy: Always select the exercise which you enjoy so that you can continue your exercise in a better way. If some exercise you are not enjoying, it is more likely that you are not getting any benefits from that exercise which you don’t enjoy.
  2. DO: Consider Pre & Post-Workout Nutrition: It is very important to take proper pre-workout food so that you can have enough carbohydrates while working out which will be used as a source of energy instead of your muscles. Also, consider the must-have food after the completion of your daily workout. Using gummy bears post workout food is a good idea as it provides fast digestible carbohydrates will quickly hit your bloodstream and will cause spike insulin.
  3. DO: With Friends: If you plan your workout sessions with your friends, it would be good for you to make a routine. If you start workout alone you will not enjoy it and you will start missing your workout sessions after few days whereas if your friends are with you, you all can follow the workout sessions without missing a single session.

4 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes are Better Than Machine Shoes

It doe’st matter how good your looks are or how beautiful your clothes are, if you don’t wear the matching shoes with all other accessories, your looks can’t be perfect at all. Without good looking and gorgeous shoes there is always something missing. This is the reason that there are so many well-known brands of shoes and this industry is growing tremendously. Even fashion shoes are not complete without the display of fashionable shoes.

Usually, people like to wear the factory made shoes which can be easily found anywhere and different shops of the same brand can be found in different states so replacement is also easy in case you need. But people who have a good taste and who knows the importance of handmade shoes, they always prefer to get the best handmade shoes and they make it sure that they get the exact design which they want.

You might be thinking that why many people prefer to wear handmade shoes over the shoes made in the factory. Here are the 4 reasons why handmade leather shoes are better than machine-made shoes.

  1. Quality of Leather: Normally, the machine made shoes are made up of a low quality leather material which is mixed with some other non leather stuff as well. This reduces the quality of leather and shoes are not long lasting. These machines shoes get cracks in few months and don’t fit on your feet after some time. But handmade shoes are made from fine quality Italian calf leather which doesn’t crack and fits well on your feet for years.
  2. Sole of the Shoes: The sole of the shoe plays the important role while it comes to the comfort of any shoe. Handmade shoes use very good and comfortable soles which is good for you feet when you have to walk for a long time or when you have to wear the shoes in a party and you have to stand there at your feet.
  3. Easy To Repair: Shoes made using machines are difficult to repair as there is very fine work and if you repair those shoes with hands, there will be a clear difference of handwork and machine work on the same pair of shoes. You have to send the shoes to the same company for repair which takes a lot of time. But on the other hand, if you use handmade shoes then you can get the shoes repaired from anywhere and there wouldn’t be any difference in the quality of the shoes even after repair.
  4. Luxury Mens Dress Shoes: Just like other brand shoes prepared on machines, you can get any type of handmade shoes which makes them luxury mens dress shoes and it completes your dress code along with all the required accessories.

These are the basic 4 reasons which make handmade shoes a luxury men’s dress shoes. Though these shoes are slightly higher in price these are durable as well as we discussed earlier, so the price tag has no importance. If you also love the handmade shoes then do inform us using the comment section below.

Herbal Medicine: The Alternative to the Allopathic Medicine

If you are one of those people who is already fed up with the use of allopathic treatments and now you want to adopt some other medication then the herbal medication can be the first and best choice for you. Many people believe that herbal medicine is some new thing in the market, but the reality is totally opposite. Herbal medicines are in use for hundreds of years by our ancestors when there was no other sufficient way to heal the different types of diseases.

This was the best way to heal the diseases as there were no or very few side effects of herbal medicine but after the invention of allopathic treatment, people started using the allopathic medicine as that was the latest method of treatment. But after realizing that allopathic treatment has various types of side effects people are coming back to the oldest way of treatment that is herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine can be found in any part of the world whether you live in USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Europe or even in any Asian country. You can use iHerb Korea promotion code to get special discounts if you buy the herbal medicine online from the iHerb store.

Normally the allopathic medicines increase the power of the human body to resist the disease which is not the proper way of treatment. Whereas it is believed that the herbal medicine don’t use the steroids and they don’t increase the resistance but it provides the actual treatment and tread the imbalances in the body. Herbal medicine helps to heal the disease and remove the cause of the disease. That is why the effects of herbal medicines are very slow. Herbal medicine can be found in different forms like in tablets, tincture, essential oils, infused oils, ointments or dried herb teas.

There are some special plants available which are used in preparing the herbal medicine. There are many non-qualified persons who try to prepare the herbal medicine by using the whole plant, but a specialist will only us the special parts of different plants. For some plants, only leaves are useful while for some other plants, only the roots of that plants can be used to prepare the herbal medicine. So it is very important to buy the herbal medicine only from the certified and specialized company who is well known for their herbal products.

If you want to get the herbal medicine at a cheap price you can buy it from Japan iHerb 送料無料. And yes, you will get the free home delivery only if you live in Japan.

Celebrate the birthdays with extra gifts and love


Birthdays are one of the most precious days of everyone’s life. Every person of the world love to celebrate their birthday as birthdays not only mean celebration, it means rejoicing the moments, getting birthday gifts and togetherness of family and friends.

The most important thing that makes birthday valuable is the gifts that people give with delight nature. The birthday gift plays an important role building the image of the person in the mind and heart of people. It doesn’t matter how big or small gift you have bought, the matter, which witnesses your feeling is your regard towards the gift.

What kind of gift considered to be better?

There are so many types people on earth and everyone has their own specific choice. It is clearly understood that it gets very hard for the people to rectify the choices and gift a person according to their likes and dislikes.

However, if you differentiate the people in terms of age group and relation then you might get enough options to find the unerring gift. Moreover, for taking the prudent decision means finding the relevant and ideal gift for the person can be done with ease if you rectify their age group.

For example, if you want to buy the Birthday Gifts for Husband then being a wife you understand his needs and his requirement of daily life. Keeping the requirements and daily needs aside, you are also well aware of his likes and dislikes and his desires. So, over here the relation of your can let you understand better about the ideal gift that you can present.

Where to buy the best products?

If you are heading off for buying birthday gifts for husband then you must opt for the online shopping as there are much more benefits that you can draw from there.

The online shopping webstores offers a variety of variants with which one call fall in love. Most importantly, there are so many products available on the web that comes at less rate than their usual offline market price.

Subsequently, it gets hectic for anyone to visit outside, take out time and go from one shop to another for finding the ideal gift and this entire process takes too much time. Whereas on the online shopping store, you don’t need to proceed from one place to another. You can buy things at your fingertips.

Like other fake materials available in the offline market, the online stores sell only the reliable and most relevant things.


Birthday gifts are the hard choice for anyone because before buying anything, it takes a lot of mental effort to find the best-suited gift. However, when you get enormous options available on the online webstore, you don’t find any kind of bewilderment because of online shops synonyms nice product. So, whenever you want to buy any gift for anyone must do the online shopping as this help you to find the most suitable gift for your loved ones.

How to Present Your Success Story in a Cool Timeline

It’s not enough to make a good and delicious food for the guests, presenting the food in a good way is also very important. With proper garnishing food looks good and guests love to eat that food which is presented in a good way. Same is the case of a website, no matter how well optimized your website is, or how rich featured it is, if the theme of the website is not good, the visitor will not stay at your website for a long time.

You have to present your content, your blogs posts, and other information in a way which should be easy to understand and easy to access. The user should be able to navigate to different pages and can access different categories easily. This becomes more important when you need to tell your success story or the history of your company.

This can be easily done with the cool timeline WordPress plugin. If you search on the internet, you can find different WordPress timeline plugins but most of them are either paid or not good enough to provide their best features in the free version. Cool Timeline Pro is the best WordPress timeline plugin which you install and use for free without any problem and you can present your content or you can tell your success story in a beautiful horizontal or vertical timeline.

After you install the WordPress timeline plugin, you just need to make quick settings and then you are all set to use shortcodes to generate your beautiful timelines. You can create a timeline just like the Facebook style, you can get visual composer support and can also use the animation effects as well.

Using icons can be useful to give an idea to the user about the application, so you can use different types of icons in your timeline that will give an idea to your user what you are going to tell your visitors.

You can also use different colors to present the time using WordPress timeline plugin.You can use dark color timeline for the themes which are light colored, or you can also use a light skin for your timeline. For a funky look, you can also use multicolor timeline skin which is a built-in feature of this WordPress timeline plugin.

WordPress beginners would think that it would be difficult to manage the timeline using this plugin which has so many features and customization options. But, this is not difficult at all. You can get the support from the plugin developers. Or you can find many video tutorials as well which show you how you can use different functions and how you can customize your storyline.

If you are interested in getting the attention of your visitors that they spend some time to read your content, then you must give it a try.

Why It is Important To Improve Touch Typing and How to Improve

When you have long assignments from your office or you are getting a lot of data entry, article writing projects from freelancing profiles you might want to finish all the tasks on time so that you can get extra time to spend with your family. But if you have low typing speed and have no experience of touch typing then you would not be able to complete your projects in good time. You might also lose the projects for not completing on the given time because of low typing speed.

What is Touch Typing

Touch typing is the process of typing using a keyboard without looking at the keyboard. Your eyes must be on the screen or on the paper from where you are writing the content while your fingers should hit the right keys without even thinking about where is ‘s’, where is ‘u’, where is ‘b’ or even about any other key. Your fingers should be moving fast enough and should reach the key and hit it even in less than a second, and a good typist can hit about 5 to 10 different keys without even thinking about the position.

How can I improve Touch Typing Speed?

Practice, practice and just practice with the right guideline. The Proper guideline is very important, without it, you can never be a good typist. Mechanical keyboards are best for typing so you should do your practice for a better experience as you will hit a sound right away when you hit the key. Though you can also improve the typing speed without a mechanical keyboard, but it is preferred to use that.

Then using the right finger for the right key is key to success. Your fingers of the left hand should be at a, s, d, f and the fingers of the right hand should be at j, k, l, and ; keys. From this position, you should access each and every key of your keyboard easily.

You just need to memorize all the key positions and should reach to the desired key without thinking about it. For example, if I said press ‘I’, middle finger of your right hand should go up and directly hit the ‘I’.

How to Test Typing Speed?

You can find various typing test for beginners on different websites. These websites offer different online test for the different level of users. For beginners, there are easy tests which consist of mostly used keys, while for experts, tests include a complete keyboard with special characters and numbers also. You should try these online typing tests to check your typing speed and if you feel you are not performing well, go back to your typing tutor software and do more practice to improve your typing speed.

Why You Should Hire An SEO Agency To Increase Your Sales

Making profit out of your blog or an online store is not possible until you are getting ‘targeted’ traffic. Simple getting traffic is not enough, ‘targeted traffic’ is a real value for any website. You might be thinking how traffic vs targeted traffic can make a difference? I will try my best to explain this with a simple example.

Let’s suppose you have a business website where you are offering your SEO services for the webmasters in Cambridge. If your website is getting daily 1000 visits with the keyword “How to do SEO”, you might believe that it is a very good traffic. But believe me, you can’t get good sales with this traffic. Because those 1000 visitors are not looking to hire someone like you to provide SEO services, they come to your website to learn about SEO. So these 1000 visitors can hardly give you any sale although they are related to the same field.

Whereas if you are getting only 50 to 100 visitors a day who came to your website by searching the keyword “Hire an SEO Agency in Cambridge”, then you can get daily orders from your website for SEO services because these 5o to 100 visitors are interested in hiring an SEO Agency and they are not willing to learn the SEO.

So this is a basic difference, in the first case, 1000 visitors were ‘traffic’ but not the ‘targeted traffic’ because they came to your website for some other reason while in the second case, you will get hire by some good company by just getting 50 to 100 visits, because it was ‘targeted traffic’.

Now the question is why do you need to hire an SEO agency for your website? The answer is very simple; a professional SEO agency or a freelancer can provide you ‘targeted traffic’ as they know the full details of search engine optimization and they are expert in getting the visitors for the most relevant pages.

Though you can also do SEO on your own, and if you want to do so, you can learn few search engine optimization techniques from different online blogs. If you have spare time then you can spend some time in learning SEO techniques from various online blogs like one I have provided in above link.

But if you are running a business, then your total concentration should be on your business, and rest of the work, like the development of the website and Search engine optimization of the website should be done by the professionals to get best results.

So, if you really want to increase your sales then you need to get ‘targeted’ traffic to your website that should be interested in your services and for this purpose, the best way is to hire a good SEO agency.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Care Home

You can’t send your parents to a care home without your satisfaction. It is very important to consider few things before you chose a care home for your parents, after all, they have to spend a lot of their time in your selected care home. Here I will discuss few things which you should consider and monitor carefully before you select a home for your parents.

You should visit different care homes before you select one for your father or mother.

  • Your first impression is really important. When you visit a home you should notice what did you feel while entering the home. If it is clean and has some plants and environment is good then you would feel better while if there is no proper clean work and you see dust on different things and waste materials are spread here and there then you wouldn’t feel great.
  • When you enter the care home, did you feel some unpleasant smell? If yes then you should consider this as a negative point for that home. While if you feel that you have the pleasent smell of different natural flowers or good smell of an air spray, then its a plus point for the home you entered.
  • You should meet with the residents of that home and should talk with them to get an idea if they are happy there or they are complaining about the staff? How is their dress, or they well groomed and wearing a neat and clean dress?
  • The staff of a good care home should welcome you with happy mode and their behavior should be nice. If you notice that the staff is not open to answering your questions or you feel that they are not responding to your queries in a good manner then you should also consider this as a negative point.
  • Visit the care home with the person who needs to stay there. For example, if your mother needs to stay there then you should bring your mother to that care home. She should feel comfortable with the environment and you should take her advice as well and without her advise don’t make your final decision.

There are many more things you should consider for the perfect care home, but here I have mentioned only a few points which are most important according to my experience.

Altbot: The Best Lords and Knights Bot

Playing game is a fun and the best entertainment for kids as well as the adults. Playing games have nothing to do with the age, as age is just a number. I have seen people playing games at the age of 50+ with their kids and they behave just like kids while playing games.

According to different surveys, games can help kids in improving their decision making powers and also help in mental growth. Few people might be shocked after reading the lines and may think how a game can increase the decision making power? I would say those people have never heard of Lords and Knights or other MMO games like this where the game player has to make a good strategy to win wars.

Lords and Knights is such a game where the player has to win an ongoing war from the opponents. It not just fighting with the opponents, it is about building your own empire, recruitment of army, building castles, buying weapons, building roads, forests and also making a strong aggressive strategy and hit on the weak points of the enemy. So it is just like a real warfare where you are the commander of an army or the governor of a state who has to make the decisions for his army, for his kingdom.

People also using different cheats for winning Lords and Knights game. They get more gems and game points to buy different weapons and to invest more in the army and the infrastructure of their own empire. These cheats need to root your mobile device if you are playing the game on Android mobile or to jailbreak your iOS device.

Using Lords and Knights bot is a better option than using a cheat. Bots are good to execute your own planning in a timely manner and the opponent will never know that you are playing with the help of a game bot. Most of the bots take full control of the game and user have to sit back and just wait to complete the game. But Altbot is a game which keeps interest of the player in the game and it will not completely control the game progress and growth. Player’s involvement will be necessary to win the games even after using a bot for Lords and Knights.

Why Digital Marketing is The Only Solution To Achieve Your Goals

If you are planning to take your business to the next level without the help of digital marketing then, believe me, you can’t achieve your goals and your plan will fail miserably. Digital marketing is the backbone of every business in the 21st century. Easy access to the internet and more than half of the world population using mobile devices are the two main reasons many companies are forced to transform their business digitally. A lot of companies including Australian, American and many European companies succeed in the market in no time just because they have adopted the digital platforms to attract more customers.

Transforming business on a digital platform is not enough, adopting digital advertisement is also vital to get on the top of your competitors. When your business exists in big cities of the world like for example in Adelaide (Australia), you should be aware of the trend of your potential customers.

People in Adelaide shows a great interest in online shopping and they want to buy the products they need in their daily life from online stores. From fresh Piza to party dresses, people love to visit the online store without going on the physical location and order the product of their own choice. Even if they want to get an appointment with a dentist or physician, they prefer the doctors who they can find via Google in local searches of Adelaide.

So every business needs professional digital marketing Adelaide services from experts to grow their business and to get maximum local customers that might not be near them but they still are in the same state or the city.

Even if freelancers need to offer their service they also need to market their services on the search engine and social media. People who have online stores to sell their products worldwide they can also reach more customers with the help of internet marketing campaigns. Like you can sell mobile covers and other accessories from Australia to the customers of other countries if you have a good appearance on social media and have top page rankings in search engines with the help of Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click services.

If you want to boost your social media marketing campaign then click here to learn different methods.

Bloggers and YouTubers who need to monetize their content they also need top page rankings for their blog or YouTube videos and this can be achieved with digital marketing strategies. So whatever business you run or whatever services you offer without digital marketing and digital platform you can’t get what you want.

How to Tell Your Brand Story More Effectively (3 Visual Tools You Can Use for More Results)

Tell your brand story

Your brand story is made up of facts, feelings and interpretations. It’s not just the facts you present to your customers, but it is also what feelings as a product or service you invoke in them and how they interpret the way you tell your story through your website, social media posts, blog posts, advertisements, business cards and even your employees.

A brand story, in fact, is woven around 3 factors

  • who you are
  • why you exist
  • how you help people

In order to create a brand story that differentiates your brand from that of your competitors and helps make an emotional connection with your customers, you need pay attention to,

Your Buyer Personas

How would you know if your story would appeal to your audience if you don’t know who you are talking to?  This is why prior to deciding how you are going to present your story, you need to define who your customer (existing or potential) is.

Depending on the kind of product or service you offer or the industry you belong to, you might have to create several buyer personas. However, each one should contain both quantitative details such as age, income, location, education etc. and qualitative information such as their interests, challenges, goals, responsibilities etc.

A buyer persona is a generalized and fictionalized profile of the ideal person who you want as your customer, therefore when gathering information, you need to interview or conduct research on all types of customers your business attracts.

Knowing who your customer is, how she comprehends things and her likes and dislikes, you can easily define how you should relate your brand story and what exactly you should include in it.

 Your Verbal Identity

This includes not only the words you use to tell your brand story, but it also includes the tone, language, and even vocabulary. The way you use these elements adds a personality to your brand and helps consumers distinguish you from your consumers.

From the small call to action at the bottom of your landing page to the copy of your website and the social media messages you post, the tone and the language you use should be consistent. Inconsistency will risk your credibility as a brand.

Your Visual Identity

Basically, anything that makes a visual appeal to the beholder, be it colors, typography, iconography, photos, videos, illustrations, website layout etc. is part of your brand’s visual identity.

Compared to your brand’s verbal identity, the visual identity plays a more significant role, for visuals help you connect with people in ways that are scientifically proven to be more effective in connecting with people.

Color – You may already have a product or service and a color palette associated with it. If you do, it is important to make sure that you maintain consistency in using colors across all platforms, be it on your website design, social media networks or on newsletters. If you don’t have a color palette, create a simple one that has 1-3 primary colors and 2-3 secondary colors. And when choosing, take into consideration the earlier buyer personas you created.

Typography – The style, size and the type of font you use will have a significant impact on the message you are trying to convey to your customers. While the font you choose should complement the rest of the visual brand style, it should be appropriate for the brand image. For example, a playful font like Comic Sans will not tally well with a serious brand image. Be careful to use font type that reinforces the message you are trying to communicate.

When creating illustrations or designing your website, these two elements would constantly come into play. It would save you a lot of time if you can use a style guide to refer to in such instances.

To create any brand story that speaks to the heart of the customer and builds awareness for your brand, these 3 elements should be given priority. And in the creation of any material for your brand, your buyer persona, verbal identity and the visual identity should be taken into consideration.

3 Visual Tools You Can Use to Tell Your Brand Story Effectively


Infographics combine text and graphics together and present information in eye catching manner. They have become a very popular method of communication online over the past few years.

You can use infographics to illustrate a timeline of how your business came to be, or emphasize how your service or product can help your customers. You can even select a subject your target audience is curious about and create an infographic around it.

Several things you need to be careful about

  • Stick to your brand style guide when creating your infographics
  • Prior to designing, create a wireframe of your infographic to make sure the infographic has a flow
  • Use only 4-5 colors and 2-3 font types when designing your infographic
  • Remember to add your company logo at the bottom of your infographic over or below the references section
  • Promote them not only through your website but also through your social media channels


Videos are trending and to many consumers, they are deemed the best medium for generating emotions. The video combines both visual and aural means and hence stand a really huge chance at driving your message home.

There are many platforms where you can use video to build your brand story

  • Your website homepage – adding a video describing what your product or service is could be a great tool to increase conversions. Or it could be a video testimonial featuring your current customers; they are great at building trust and credibility.
  • YouTube – you can have a separate YouTube channel to upload tip videos or demonstrations of using your products or services. This can be used to solve the problems your customers may come across when using your products or services.
  • Social media – Most social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram now give you the chance to connect with your audience in real-time. Using this you can let your customers get a glimpse of the everyday workings of your business, building transparency and trust.

When creating videos, you need to be careful to make sure that the colors, voice, locations and even the music you use are consistent with your brand identity.


This may include photos you choose to include on your blog posts or landing pages to social media platforms. These could be images that you take yourself to show your brand or services, or those that you purchase online. Either way, make sure that they are

  • Demonstrate value

This can be achieved by considering the many ways your customers can use your products or services. Or how they can help your customers reach their goals or solve their issues. Try to capture these moments through your photos and they will easily replace a message that would otherwise take a thousand words to tell.

  • Help build trust

You can reveal what happens prior to you deliver the complete product or service to your customer via a single photo. Such behind the scene photos, published through your website or your social media channels can help build a connection between you as a company and your customers. The more your customer knows about the developers of the product or service they use, the more trust they are willing to invest in you.

  • Generate emotions

A single photo can make someone hungry, cry or smile. Pay attention to what you choose to photograph and the colors you try to enhance, for they play a major role in stimulating emotions in your customer.

What is better than a storyboard – images or illustrations organized in a sequence – to tell your brand story?

Without a story, there is no cohesion. Your story ultimately influences people’s buying decisions, therefore be careful as to what you say and how you say it. Follow these tips and you’ll get it right.

Do you use any other method to relate your brand story to your customers? Do let us know in the comment section below.

About the Author

Amanda Athuraliya is the communication specialist/content writer at Cinergix, the team behind the development of Creately Infographic Software. She is an avid reader, a budding writer and a passionate researcher who loves to write about all kinds of topics.

What is Districts and how to use 3DCoins


Districts is a virtual reality city with amazing graphics, where site user will be deeply immerged in an exceedingly rich ecosystem created by himself. He can conduct business, learn, relax, or play games. All these hese diverse activities will maintain the proper execution of decentralized 3D applications. Creating your own cities and other objects in Graphics is totally Free.

Using Decentralized 3D applications and Districts visual studio you can create anything anywhere in the Districts like it could be a game, an online store which can sell virtual or even real goods, a house or a school, and many more things that you can imagine. Anyone can create these decentralized 3D applications by rich tools provided in the Districts visual Studio (DVS).

Your dreams come true and you can make anything that you can imagine with the help of innovative tools provided by DVS which includes 3D models, different functions, textures and you can create different environments using these tools, you can even create events using Districts visual studio tools where user can use different logics, boolean operators, and different standard functions and can create his app’s mechanics by connecting with the app visually. After this DVS will execute the code and use the blockchain for encoded scripts.

Different automated contracts or operations can be performed using an advanced crypto currency which is called 3D Coins. All the programming is flexible and it can be time, password or addressed based. Tokens or other sub currencies can be created from the 3D Coins and this sub currency; then can be utilized in different ways for assets management. The sub currency becomes the official currency of Districts which can, later on, be used to buy the land which will be used to deploy the 3D decentralized application.

Inspired by the stack system of Bitcoin, 3DCoin is also based on such smart script system with some improvements. 3DCoins can be used for multiple purposes as it has multiple functionalities which are as follows

Instant transactions for the retail environment, Coin blending that improves anonymity of funds, and external address support allowing people to use keys from many cryptography methods, including keys from other cryptocurrencies, simplifying multiple account management.