Android Mobile App for Reading Newspaper

App for Reading Newspaper

The following app is exclusive to Android phone users. It offers a new dimension in a manner that it enhances content material from printed content articles using Smartphone. This delivers rich information from digitally watermarked images featuring in the front pages regarding newspapers.

Readers can download Mobile Target audience application and immediately view video, slideshows and other content an eye-catcher for any woman from the newspaper. Magazine reading mobile request uses the phone’s camera to see electronic digital watermarks which have been provided into printed pics. This provides and provides interactive, informative multi-dimensional experience from permanent newspaper pages. That application provides an chance the news media towards a new era for integrating print media with electronic benefits that will greatly enhance the readers’ reading practical knowledge with the aid of live video tutorial and information, giving them enlightenment and enjoyment. The publishers also stand to get as they have a brand-new medium for adverts.


Digital Mobile Android Reading app is presently available for Android enabled Smartphone, simply provides with an innovative and smart and powerful medium to a establish a new level of engaging readers. It also helps in attracting a new generation of readers by providing exciting, interactive experience while going through newspaper articles.

Audience have to simply store their Smartphone 4 to 6 inches above the internet-enabled images, which are discovered by a small cellular phone icon. The instance instantly recognizes the photographs and connects people to related digital content such as videos and slides in relation to a news product. The newspaper target audience never had this so good. Now the anesthetist can relive the convenience regarding routinely browsing the main printed pages combined with the ability to instantly easy access timely, deep, multimedia systems, news content earlier available only online.