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Mom blogs are exploding online. Every diaper change, every giggle, every time a baby burps can be documented for many people to read about on their computers with the start of a blog. Mothers start blogs for numerous reasons. Some want to share their joys, fears, concerns, or ask for advice every once in awhile. Others want to document their children’s growth, tell stories about their kids for their families to read. Other moms are seeking a social network. Mom blogs have opened up a circle of friends for mothers who would normally be limited to Dora the Explorer and conversation with stuffed dolls at tea parties. The blogs allow moms some time to converse with adults in multisyllabic verse about things they can appreciate. And in some cases mom blogs have even sparked business possibilities. Companies are beginning to see blogs as potential marketing forums.

While many Daily moms blog simply describe family life, some fulfill certain niches. Here is a list of blogs that stand out because they speak about specific ideas or fulfill certain roles:

Motherlode by Lisa Belkin is the New York Times Mom Blogger. She is humorous and she does not be put off by controversial topics. She has something worthwhile to discuss. Motherlode could be the source to go to for the hottest parenting news. She also opens her blog approximately guest bloggers.

A little pregnant by Julie Robichaux is a woman’s account of her struggle with infertility. Eventually she successfully had children but this blog makes it a little easier for women who are having a difficult time conceiving.

Parent Hacks is a parenting advice blog. They answer all sorts of questions – from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Would Coulda Shoulda by Mir Kamin is a wonderfully written blog. It accounts her life from single motherhood to the loss of her job to her hysterectomy. Kamin is a mother of a teenage daughter.

Dooce by Heather Armstrong is one of the most popular mom blogs around. Heather Armstrong was once fired from a piece of work for her blog writing (she was “dooced), and she later wrote a vivid account of her post partum depression which she turned into a book, It Sucked and Then I Cried. She was once a Mormon, she is at times controversial, and Dooce is very popular to read.

The Pioneer Woman by Ree Drumond, a rancher’s wife, is a gorgeous, professional looking blog filled with delicious recipes, beautiful photography, and wonderfully well-written blogs. She also has a section about homeschooling for all of you home schoolers out there.

Diary of a Mom by Cheryl Levi is another very popular, often humorous blog that explores a different topic related to parenthood each week. The intent from the blog is to give moms something to discuss or think of, and as such it always includes links to further articles.

Mom blogs are spreading over the web like chocolate ice cream at the pajama party. Everyone wants to see them, discuss them, and in many cases perhaps start one of their unique. There are teen mom blogs, food mom blogs, stay-at-home mom blogs, single-mom blogs… any type of mom you can think of – there are blogs out there for her to read. Clearly mom blogging is filling a need.