6 Common Uses of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is becoming a highly popular application in the design world. Why is it so common? The flexibility of the tool and ability to export high resolutions artwork has made it a killer app for graphics designers. Colors, lines and strokes are readily manipulated in Illustrator. Let us find out what designers are using this program for their everyday work.

Why getintopc adobe illustrator has a strong grid system which makes it really easy to draw precise icon images. You may draw basic shapes enjoys squares, rectangles, circle and match it to the grid. The snapping attribute and align tools make it really easy to draw and organize your shapes. To fill it with a color, simply pick the shape and decide on the color your want.

The line tool and pencil Tool makes it really easy to draw lines and shapes in Adobe Illustrator. The pen tool enables you to draw any probable shapes. It could be hard for beginners to learn how to use the pen tool but after you’ve got grasp how it works, you’ll find how easy it’s to draw and edit any contour.

Newspaper And magazines often uses info graphics to show figures and statistics. The majority of the drawings are done in Adobe Illustrator as it includes some helpful tools to draw graphs and pie graphs automatically by simple entering the information amounts.

Photo Realistic product drawings can be accomplished in Adobe Illustrator. The gradient tool and net tool would be the most common tools to make realistic and easy shadings. The final output is a sensible object drawing that will amaze your customer.

The Horizontal colors seem has make it a favorite style to make cute cartoons. The pencil tool makes drawing shapes and coloring so simple in Adobe Illustrator. Aside from the pencil tool, the gradient tool makes shading and coloring in illustrator so straightforward. Even if the customers reject your colour palette, it is easy to swap the colors.

Most Of the professional logos are done in vector applications as it can be Easily exported and use in different medias. Print sharp and great looking logo heads for business profiles and advertising materials. The emblem over your advertising materials.