4 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes are Better Than Machine Shoes

luxury mens dress shoes

It doe’st matter how good your looks are or how beautiful your clothes are, if you don’t wear the matching shoes with all other accessories, your looks can’t be perfect at all. Without good looking and gorgeous shoes there is always something missing. This is the reason that there are so many well-known brands of shoes and this industry is growing tremendously. Even fashion shoes are not complete without the┬ádisplay of fashionable shoes.

Usually, people like to wear the factory made shoes which can be easily found anywhere and different shops of the same brand can be found in different states so replacement is also easy in case you need. But people who have a good taste and who knows the importance of handmade shoes, they always prefer to get the best handmade shoes and they make it sure that they get the exact design which they want.

You might be thinking that why many people prefer to wear handmade shoes over the shoes made in the factory. Here are the 4 reasons why handmade leather shoes are better than machine-made shoes.

  1. Quality of Leather: Normally, the machine made shoes are made up of a low quality leather material which is mixed with some other non leather stuff as well. This reduces the quality of leather and shoes are not long lasting. These machines shoes get cracks in few months and don’t fit on your feet after some time. But handmade shoes are made from fine quality Italian calf leather which doesn’t crack and fits well on your feet for years.
  2. Sole of the Shoes: The sole of the shoe plays the important role while it comes to the comfort of any shoe. Handmade shoes use very good and comfortable soles which is good for you feet when you have to walk for a long time or when you have to wear the shoes in a party and you have to stand there at your feet.
  3. Easy To Repair: Shoes made using machines are difficult to repair as there is very fine work and if you repair those shoes with hands, there will be a clear difference of handwork and machine work on the same pair of shoes. You have to send the shoes to the same company for repair which takes a lot of time. But on the other hand, if you use handmade shoes then you can get the shoes repaired from anywhere and there wouldn’t be any difference in the quality of the shoes even after repair.
  4. Luxury Mens Dress Shoes: Just like other brand shoes prepared on machines, you can get any type of handmade shoes which makes them luxury mens dress shoes and it completes your dress code along with all the required accessories.

These are the basic 4 reasons which make handmade shoes a luxury men’s dress shoes. Though these shoes are slightly higher in price these are durable as well as we discussed earlier, so the price tag has no importance. If you also love the handmade shoes then do inform us using the comment section below.