3 Steps are All You Need to Write a Great Position Paper

Write a Great Position Paper

Pen Away!

Choose a topic which interests you and the position on which you can present an argument. Topics for such papers are usually controversial.
Written assignments on topics with a wide range of arguments are a part and parcel of your college career. Understanding how to create an academic argument is one successful key to this daily task. Such papers test your ability to take a position or stand for the chosen topic and defend it. Let us do some groundwork before writing a position paper!

Choosing a Topic

There might be times when your professors may give you varied topics for your mun position paper, that will require you to choose one in which you need to take a for or an against stand. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is it an issue with genuine controversy or uncertainty?
Can you identify two different positions for the issue?
Are you interested in defending one of the positions?

Answering these questions will help you to write your side of the argument, and show them the validity of your stand. It maybe not always convince your audience though. Avoid the argument that is simply a matter of opinion like “roses are beautiful flowers.” Take up a topic, where a logical argument supports a view like “cell phones should be banned from classrooms.”

Audience Analysis

Before you put pen to paper, your first consideration should always be the audience. For example, if your audience is a group of teachers, chances are they have a sound knowledge of the topic. However, an in-depth research of the topic will make you a subject-matter expert. Presenting your argument in the most effective way possible with supporting reasons will be an art that you will need to cultivate. Never miss the opportunity to address and influence an extensive audience consisting of your teachers, classmates, peers, blog readers, etc., who do not have cognizance of the subject.