3 Lessons the Gaming World Can Take from Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World

Since the Development of This smartphone continues, The meteoric growth of game programs for cellular phones and tablet computers has made an extremely competitive marketplace — something which will be evident to anybody who spends their evenings and evenings cruising on public transportation. Major game and software developers are targeting this market to get a ever-growing part of their sales.

Hungry Shark World
Hungry Shark World

For mobile games programmers seeking to tap into the achievement of HUngry Shark WOrld, here are 3 classes this blockbuster game supplies.

1. Engage Free-to-Play Gamers

Among the most obvious changes in the newest variant of this Starving Shark Collection Is its arcade and cartoon-style appearance, combining with easy gameplay to make a lively world with principles not likely to frustrate the casual F2P gamer. In other words, the game is enjoyable!

2. Cross-Sell into F2P Gamers

Players happy is by supplying them with several ways to recover their life once they die from resources such as stroke, swimming to a mine, or even being eaten by a bigger shark. To prevent starting again from the start, players may choose between spending a couple stone to regenerate, or even seeing an ad for additional sport titles — a fantastic way to reward participated gamers and cross-sell in the bargain.

But, there is a maximum of 2 video-driven revivals, and the stone Cost increases whenever a participant’s shark expires. Additionally, the continuing choice to watch advertisements in exchange for bonus redeemed incentivizes all players to find more sport solutions.

3. Allow Users to Customize Characters

Together with the cartoon-style appearance, yet another new feature in Starving Shark World is The capability for users to personalize their shark. Players can Pick from Between 17 distinct sharks, 16 of which should be bought with gold Coins and jewels — a Great White prices $60 USD for people wanting to cover upfront. Users may additionally deck out their shark in everything from wigs.